Breaking News! The Gorilla introduces his first new service in over 15 years!

If you don’t actively trade stocks, but still enjoy reading the Gorilla’s expert daily stock market commentary, then the new GorillaTrades Lite service is the perfect solution for you! Become a charter member for a special introductory rate of $199/yr!

Become a charter member for a special introductory rate of $199/yr!
What is GorillaTrades Lite?

The GorillaTrades Lite service differs from the regular GorillaTrades service in that it does not involve stock picks. It is meant for those who use professional money managers and stockbrokers or invest on their own, but appreciate the professional daily overall market guidance from one of the greatest minds on Wall Street.

The Gorilla presents an in-depth analysis of the day’s stock market action, breaking it down into engaging concepts and examples to build a deep understanding of the market. With the Gorilla’s email, you’ll never look at the stock market the same way ever again! Think of it as a friendly, no-holds-barred conversation with your broker at the end of the day, but with no decisions called for, and no-strings-attached.

The Gorilla's daily email provides an expert description of market sentiment and supplies the pertinent information you need to remain informed, without having to skim vast quantities of data. GorillaTrades’ team of professionals dig so you don’t have to! The Gorilla tracks the close of the Dow Jones, S&P 500 and NASDAQ, along with the indices’ volatility, which is essential in today's competitive landscape. So whether it's correctly identifying the current financial metrics or explaining the political issues influencing the market, the Gorilla understands what you need to know about the market, and you can depend on him to provide it daily!

Still not sure if you’re ready to become a charter member? No problem.

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GorillaTrades Lite Now Open!
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